EcoMATE™ Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption solution for seagoing vessels

  • Continuous measurement and reporting of fuel consumption on board ships
  • High accuracy flow readings from OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters
  • Benchmarking and comparison of performance
  • Fulfils the upcoming requirements from IMO and other authorities

View on the ship's bridge of a gas carrier ship

EcoMATE™, the electronic fuel management system (EFMS) from KROHNE, was specifically designed for real time monitoring of fuel consumption and bunkering. It has become the solution of choice for many major shipping companies. Regardless of the vessel type, once implemented, EcoMATE™ provides the whole picture you need to gain full knowledge and control of fuel consumption, emissions and bunkering transactions.

EcoMATE™ is a remote, cloud-based solution that can be accessed onshore. A basic set-up will consist of flowmeters mounted in the fuel supply and return lines, and in the bunkering line, plus the EcoMATE™ work station. Once implemented, the EcoMATE™ software takes care of data acquisition, logging, calculations, monitoring and reporting.

The EcoMATE™ Fuel Consumption Module, one of the four software modules within the EcoMATE™ family, monitors and stores detailed information about fuel usage, and generates the reports. Ideally coupled with high-performance OPTIMASS mass flowmeters in the supply and return lines to the main engine and each of the other consumers onboard, the combination gives the ideal solution for monitoring and reporting of total fuel consumption, plus reports for each separate consuming point. The EcoMATE™ system is designed to fulfil the proposed requirements from IMO and other authorities.


  • Enables ship-owners to monitor all types of vessel with a single integrated tool
  • Provides detailed reports about the fuel consumption of both the main and the auxiliary engines (LNG, MGO, oil mixtures etc.)
  • Accommodates both manual and online measured data entry to record operational data for each voyage
  • Conducts data quality checks  and validations
  • Configurable model with various separately reported fuel consumers
  • Collects data from external systems
  • Creates voyage records with events logged
  • Logging of historical data
  • Full data integrity
  • Automatically interfaced with a cloud solution accessible by onshore personnel

Typical applications

Marine industry

  • Fuel performance monitoring and reporting for main engine and other consumers onboard
  • For all types of vessel


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EcoMATE™ Cloud

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